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March 14, 2012 - Larry DeHays

Ok, I'm going to answer some questions from readers, but on one condition. I get to ask questions back, and I want some answers from you guys. Here we go.

Bob's question; My headlight lenses are all foggy and dim, and I can hardly see at night. Both bulbs light up, they just aren't bright enough. What do I do?

Bob's answer; Remove your sun glasses. No, really, If you have clear plastic headlight housings, the usual problem is that the plastic has oxidized on the outer surface, which happens with age and sun exposure. You can fix it yourself if you can use sand paper and can apply wax. Get a couple of sheets of 1200 grit or finer wet-or-dry emery paper, some rubbing compound and a can of paste wax. Sand them with water until they look clear, then use rubbing compound followed by wax to polish out the fine scratches the paper makes, and you have it. Because the plastic is old, you will have to do it every six months. The option is to replace them with new housings, usually over $100 each. Now my turn. My Question 1; Why is it easier to fan through the pages of a magazine from back to front than it is from front to back? Is it a conspiracy? Who reads backwards?

John's question; I got some bad gas the other day, making my car run rough. Is there an aditive you recommend for this? John's answer; If you had gotten bad gas, so would have 500 other people who got gas at that station that day. Almost never happens. Once a local station started pumping watery gas. The road was littered with dead cars in both directions. Economy cars got the farthest. Get your car checked at a garage before you start dumping additives in the tank. They have very little benefit, and some can cause problems.

My question 2; I see ads offering "All you need to know" about something. Who decides the limits of how much we should know, and what are they holding back?

Mary's question; I'm looking for another car. What would you recommend as the best kind of car to buy? Mary's answer; The best car? Rolls royce. If that's too much money, try Mercedes Benz, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I'm being flippant, but really, there are good and bad cars in every brand. It's more important to have an individual used car checked out by an independent mechanic before buying, than it is to trust a brand name or a dealer. My best advice for a used car? Get a used Chevy from the Chevy dealer, or a used Ford from the Ford dealer, etc. It was traded in by someone who liked it and wanted another just like it, only newer.

My question 3; Prescription drug ads tell me to tell my doctor if I have a heart or kidney condition. I think it is his job to tell me these things. Am I wrong?

If you have any answers, send them to me at I'll print them if you keep it politically correct. (In other words, don't blame everything on Obama).


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