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Check out audio books at the Beach Library

July 22, 2015
By Dr. Leroy Hommerding , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Weekly Activities

Preschool Story Hour on Wednesday, July 22, at 10:30 a.m.

Apps for iPad/iPhone, Thursday, July 23, 10:30 a.m., Pre-register.

Beachcombers Books

Have you visited the bookstore in the Library Commons on the third floor? Many titles have been added in the past two weeks. The bookstore is open Monday to Friday, 10:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Proceeds benefit the library.

Librarian of Congress

Librarian of Congress Billington announced last month that he was retiring at the end of 2015. The librarian will be appointed. Though the term of the librarian of Congress is not defined, in modern times the job has usually become a lifetime appointment.

There have only been 13 national librarians in U.S. History, dating back to Thomas Jefferson, who established the Library of Congress in 1802. The appointment of the librarian was a concern at the just completed American Library Association Convention. Since the Library of Congress is facing a historic opportunity to lead our knowledge society into a productive 21st century, much of the discussion hoped that a librarian would be appointed. In fact, there hasn't been a librarian leading the Library of Congress in 61 years, since Lawrence Quincy Mumford retired in 1954.

Many at the Convention want to see a librarian on the job, not just because of affection for librarians but because the "library" part of the Library of Congress is very important. Libraries are undergoing so much transformation that the full possibility of Library of Congress is more likely to emerge under the leadership of someone already steeped in the best practices, developing technologies and evolving role of libraries in supporting our national communities.

Audio Books

Have you checked out audio books on CD or Playaways recently? Audio publishers are offering a bold and broad array of titles, and our collection includes a regular assortment of these. There are books read by single narrators and full-cast dramas. Happy listening!

The number of titles produced in audiobook format has grown steadily over the past few years, with nearly 36,000 audiobooks published in 2013.

Widest End First

When books are oversize it's easier for them to get caught in the sorter and sometimes not be available for the next person or not be checked in when the widest end of the book is laid on the sorter. If the narrow side is laid on the sorter belt, it almost always registers correctly and works perfectly. This is a practice we encourage for all titles, whether print or audiovisual.


If you can spend 4 hours a week one day a week in helping out in the Bookstore in the Library Commons, please fill out an application available on the first floor or send an email to

The Wider Community

Libraries help remove fear from our culture: fear of the other, fear of the unknown, and fear of the differences of opinion that make us human. Our libraries hold and foster access to countervailing opinions, information about worlds beyond our own, and insight into cultures we have never experienced, as well as awareness of people living right next door.


Investigative books on critical issues that would fill a gap left by the cuts at newspapers and magazines is something that gets attention at this niche publisher. They are willing to publish something that seems newsworthy or trends, even books that aren't going to sell a lot of copies.

In an earlier column, I mentioned that coloring books for grown-ups seem to be growing in interest and use. Starting in August, Skyhorse will be offering some coloring books.

To see what titles we have added by Skyhorse, type in Skyhorse after choosing search function by "publisher."

Books Plus

The library is now a multimedia zone, brimful of information in as many format as formats have been created. If you think it's all about books, you really haven't been to the library in ages. You can borrow movies on DVDs, music on CDs, many popular magazines and there are regular displays throughout the library to expand one's awareness and appreciation of the many skills people bring to their lives.

If there's a magazine you want that isn't in stock, ask about the possibility of getting it in. There are also additional magazines that are available for reading in the online magazine database.

Another source of library information includes readers advisories--displays appearing on the shelves in various sections and in the aisles on the first or second floor.

Library Hours

When we are closed, the hours of operation are included in a recording when you call in. Stop by Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., on Wednesday between 9 and 7;, and on Saturday between 9 and 1. We look forward to seeing you.



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