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Bruce Butcher for Council

Letter to the Editor

February 22, 2017
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Bruce Butcher for Council

To the Editor:

I am in full support of Bruce Butcher for Fort Myers Beach Town Council. Bruce brings integrity and commitment to the council. Most importantly, he is determined to bring results to the town. The two most recently elected council members have proven to only care about their personal agendas and disdain for anyone that opposes them. We need a council that listens to the residents and gets something positive done. Bruce knows the town is heading down the wrong path and with great leadership skills and common sense we can finally get things done again! Great island and place to live, but the recent year has seen the town become less than desirable.

Bruce ran last year and came up short due to the "anti-development" environment that many people were wrongly persuaded to believe was right. How well has that attitude worked over this past year? The initial impression upon arrival by a family on vacation is to be greeted by the deteriorating souvenir shop. Followed by the impressive staging area of dirt, piping and trucks. Then the closed and soaped windows of whatever the next building is. Look to the right and more soaped up windows as the businesses have closed. Not what you want to see when excited for a week's stay. Tourism is down this year for many reasons beyond just the afore mentionedthe bad water releases from last few years has also contributed to this drop. Due to all this and construction many travel agents north are directing clients to other areasSiesta Key, Fort Lauderdale, The Keys just to name a few. The recently elected council members no doubt are happy about this, but from the grocery stores, the fishing captains to the restaurants I assure you they are not happy.

I encourage you to vote for Bruce. He will get the wheels turning and get it done. But, if you ask any candidate about their plans for the town and anyone that says "we need to study the plan" or "we need to follow the comprehensive plan"PLEASE do not vote for that individual! How many years can they keep studying a plan that never changes? Make a decision and move on it. A fifth-grader studies and eventually moves onto sixth grade. The studies have been done to the point of exhaustion. Move on and vote for improvements!


Tom Schultz

Fort Myers Beach



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