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There's one fix to this nation: the voting booth

Letter to the Editor

September 5, 2017
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

There's one fix to this nation: the voting booth

To the Editor:

In response to the letter written from Jim Healy, "Let the blame games begin." posted 8-30-17.

While I can appreciate anyone's point of view, I must point that many Americans understand this country is in dire straits but are unaware of the underlying reasons behind this. Your Constitution has been compromised. Not you, I, Congress, or the President has the power to remove who really controls this once great nation. The overthrow of the Constitution began when President Truman created the CIA. Please! Don't just take my word for it or pass this letter off as another "conspiracy theory". I would ask this paper and your readers to watch this somewhat lengthy video. I promise you, you will be glad you did. Doing so, one will leave a little better informed. Isn't that what we all want...Truth? or search YouTube, Kevin Shipp.

Kevin Shipp, a former CIA agent made this video because he knows the degradation your nation is experiencing. By watching this video, you also will have a better understanding of what is really happening and being covered up. These are the reasons they want Eric Snoden so badly. He was exposing the truths and had to escape for his life. It was John F. Kennedy that said He would scatter the CIA to the winds of the earth. The rest is history.

Fort Myers Beach Observerare you afraid to research and print this article, or are you also under control of the deep state media? More than anything, I would like to be wrong in my thoughts about where this country is headed. I would rather be known as "just another conspiracy nut", but I don't think I am, and deep inside...neither are you.

There is but one "fix" for this nation and it needs to be done at the voting booth ASAP. ALL OF THEM!

Bruce Gillikin

Fort Myers Beach



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