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Congressional 2017 Accomplishments

Letter to the Editor

January 17, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Congressional 2017 Accomplishments

To the Editor:

In his Guest Commentary in last weeks Observer, Congressman Francis Rooney touted his 2017 accomplishments. First of all is the historic tax reform (scam). This tax bill is so complicated that I am sure that neither Mr. Rooney or I really know what is in it. However we can pick examples. Because of the elimination or the personal exemption ($8,100 for a married couple) a married couple that makes $80,000 and itemizes will see basically no change in 2018. Remember also that the benefit to the middle class goes away and that the total cost of this tax is $1.5 trillion. But if you are a wealthy person and make say $1 million your taxes will be reduced by roughly $30,000 dollars in 2018. In addition, the estate tax reduction could be a benefit of $4.5 million. The rich get the cake and we get the crumbs. Mr. Rooney is also proud that this "tax reform" also eliminates the Affordable Care Act individual mandate. It is estimated that 13 million people will lose their health care because of this.

Mr. Rooney touts the regulatory reform as beneficial to businesses but fails to mention that we will have more polluted air and water. In foreign affairs, Mr. Rooney believes we have "returned to projecting leadership". As the only country NOT participating in the Paris Accord, we demonstrate no climate change leadership and have the world questioning why we do not believe in science. Mr. Rooney believes that the best approach to North Korea is to call the leader names like "rocket man". And while we have stopped the development of nuclear weapons by Iran, he is not supportive. And then there is the total loss of peace prospects with the Jerusalem embassy move. The president's trip to London is cancelled because of widespread opposition he would face in Britain. And China has assumed the role as the world leader of trade.

On immigration Mr. Rooney is proud to have stopped some immigration. We will see if he supports our president's crude remarks about immigration. On the Russia investigation, he does not want our country to uncover and stop the Russia interference in our elections, but rather wants to "purge" people that do not support Trump from the FBI and the Justice Dept.- an authoritarian country!

Gerry Trantina

Fort Myers Beach



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