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Fort Myers Beach's Seven “Unbearable” Projects

Letter to the Editor

January 31, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Fort Myers Beach's Seven "Unbearable" Projects

To the Editor:

I was reading the TPI-FMB proposal and thought it sounded like the best possible compromise had been reached. And then I thought of six simultaneous and/or overlapping projects that would create such disasters in combination that it could literally create deadly situations--as the worst case scenario with chaos and frustration as the least. I like this TPI-FMB plan. We could deal with it alone, even if it will cause a major disturbance to all residents and tourists.

However, no one is in charge with an overview of The Seven Unbearable Projects. Three levels of government, corporations and individuals each have responsibility in the destruction/construction.

Here they are:

First Unbearable Project: Streetscape/reFRESH taking 5 to 7 years, a vague time, and lots of money

Second Unbearable Project: Stormwater lines extending down side streets

Third Unbearable Project: Some unwanted/unknown San Carlos Island development

Fourth Unbearable Project: Lake O poisoning our water should have been First

Fifth Unbearable Projects: McMansions and new condominiums creating more chaos

Sixth Unbearable Project: Replacing the south end bridge

Seventh Unbearable Project: TPI-FMB (Remember, I like this; if there weren't six others.)

When I still felt there was some hope, I wrote Letters to the Editor and I attempted to bring intelligent research and information to our Public Works Staff. I found they did not know the basics, like the difference between pervious and impervious. My Masters Degree is not in Engineering. Apparently none of theirs are either. In order for me to stay on the island I went "stealth." I chose to no longer participate in the discord. And, finally last Spring the island was so ugly with barriers and machinery and holes; my husband I started looking at homes on the river and were ready to leave our island home of 35 years. It is very unhealthy in mind, body and spirit to confront such negativity daily with no end in sight. Being jolted with ruts and uneven pavement, dangerous machinery and ugly orange barriers has an adverse impact on your health.

I could elaborate on all seven, but I chose to be relatively brief. So, I'll share one example with the Second Unbearable Project. We have just been informed that three of us property owners OWN the part of our canal adjacent to our seawalls. We asked for help in clearing vegetation and debris from Irma. We were informed we own just this end portion of our canal and it is the same portion in to which Lanark/Lauder and Dundee overflow now dumps its Estero storm water/flood waters. And, it is proposed to be the place where the new Aberdeen stormwater will dump. Do you find that interesting? We do. They are now and will in the future expand their dumping into our privately owned section of the canal. It's almost humorous, but I prefer ludicrous.

Once again I am compelled to speak out. I will plan to go "stealth" again, because I still cannot see any solution for our future. I have based a lifetime and career on Positive Thinking and teaching the concept of balancing Mind Body and Spirit. Apparently, no one is in charge. Sadly, that appears to be so.

Georgia Shakti-Hill

Fort Myers Beach



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