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Magic of Fort Myers Beach

Letter to the Editor

February 7, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Magic of Fort Myers Beach

To the Editor:

Without question, the proposed TPI-FMB resort project will enhance and will create even more of the fabulous magic surrounding the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

The magic of Fort Myers Beach is the unique attraction it holds for visitors and for residents. Preserving this magic allows hearts, minds and souls to figuratively "dance" to the rhythm of their fondest delights.

Due to the influx of additional guests to our town (generated by TPI), opportunity savvy entrepreneurs and investors will emerge to partake of the revenue. They will begin reinvigorating the area with entertaining establishments geared to satisfy the wishes of these visitors.

As this reinvigoration process takes place, we can expect to see many locations where the only attraction is currently limited to dinning, dinner music and large-screen television, being revamped to contain an upscale nightclub type atmosphere (designed primarily for dancing and socializing). Choices of nighttime activities for visitors as well as residents will obviously add greatly to revitalizing the area.

TPI-FMB and where it is located has many values. It obstructs no additional views of the beach It facilitates traffic flow. It provides parking for its guests and visitors. The beautiful landscaping is in harmony with the character of our family park at Crescent Beach and creates a welcome gateway to our island. To deny our town of this wonderful opportunity would be an injustice to our community.

Joe Stockton

Fort Myers Beach



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