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Town Council's purpose is to discern

Letter to the Editor

March 14, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Town Council's purpose is to discern

To the Editor:

TPI is biased. TPI is a huge development firm that wants to maximize their profits as much as they can. No one should be angry at that. That is their right. Nothing proved this more than the funny full time ad that showed Fort Myers Beach view corridor and a transparent TPI hotel playing "where's Waldo" in the landscape. After many had a chuckle it does remind us that the marketing firm and all the marketing consultants are hired for one reason - to influence and bias the perception of TPI's project. Their sole purpose is to promote, not to discern.

On the other hand, the town council and the town manager's whole purpose is to discern. They need to look at every detail, ask "what if questions," read between the lines and loop holes and how projects impact all of us for generations to come. They need to be brave and wise enough to see through the year and a half marketing tactics from TPI signs, weekly editorial comments, fliers, websites, calls and barbecues.

Twenty years ago a smaller project from a developer lead to DiamondHead. We can say now DiamondHead is not so bad. Those that had the discernment to understand what the consequences would be over the decades stopped FMB from having a dozen DiamondHeads line the beach.

Town Council and Town Manager, thank you for taking on this task. I realize you have taken hard hits from uninformed individuals, many don't even live on this island. TPI, I hope you stop the marketing tactic that everyone who questions you are obstructionist and don't want development. That way of pitting us against each other does not show the respect to those who live on the island and those who serve this town.

Colleen Tallen

Fort Myers Beach



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