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Congratulations Town Council

Letter to the Editor

April 18, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Congratulations Town Council

To the Editor:

Whether you were for or against the then latest TPI-FMB project that came before Council on Monday morning, what was approved benefited you. If you were not in favor, while likely not exactly what you want, the design given the green light reduces the number of rooms, height, etc. If you were for the proposal from the outset, you got the approval of what will hopefully turn out to be a Town centerpiece and in addition a piece of land at the base of the bridge (which is a benefit for all).

There seemed to be a large or at least vocal contingent of folks saying our Council should commit to approving the project before the first day of the hearing. Thankfully, certain members of Council rejected that request.

Negotiations and discussions about development do not have to be nasty (see the recent BACA hosted panelists concerning TPI-FMB). But, each side needs to believe there is a chance that the other will walk away if you are going to really get to a middle ground.

TPI smartly waited until the hearing began to offer its newest conception. If it made such a proposal earlier, there would still be voices saying there needed to be more concessions. Similarly, Council members did not reveal their positions until late in the process. If TPI-FMB had known there were three definitive yes votes prior to the hearing, the new concessions would not have occurred. Thank-you Council for doing a good job negotiating on our behalf.

Bill Robinson

Fort Myers Beach



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