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New fitness studio teaches corrective exercise

December 12, 2018
By JESSE MEADOWS ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Janna Clark wants you to breathe.

In a chiropractic exam-room-turned-studio, she is trying to undo years of incorrect form, trauma from injuries, and chronic pain caused by poor posture.

Clark eschews traditional workouts for Integrative Corrective Exercise, a method which focuses on using the muscle groups correctly and efficiently, rather than pushing them too fast and too far.

"We focus on the ABC's alignment, breathing, and control," she said. "Breathing is usually what shocks people in their first session with me."

Even if it's an exercise they've been doing all their lives, Clark doesn't let her clients progress in her training until they're breathing correctly.

It's this return to the essentials of fitness that's most important to her work.

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"When I can bring people down to the foundations, the building blocks of alignment, breathing, and control, they're going to find that they have less pain in their life. Every motion starts with a breath. If we are not breathing efficiently, we are not moving efficiently," she said.

Clark recently opened Anchor Mind and Body at Bennett Chiropractic & Wellness Center to provide corrective exercise services on Fort Myers Beach.

"I do feel like there is an entire community of people that are being left out of this fitness journey. It's because we commonly confuse sports and athletics with what it means to have fitness as an integral part of our lives," she said, adding that her methods are especially important for the 55-plus crowd.

"It's about that time where your body has the wear and tear of all the trauma and habits that we've created over our lives."

The brain moves the body forward, regardless of whether it's using the right muscles or not, she explained. Over the years, this incorrect form can trigger chronic pain.

"So it's about helping individuals slow down, take a deep breath, reconnect with the muscles that you're using, and ask, are you using them properly in your everyday life?"

Clark's own fitness journey followed a similar path.

After a complicated childbirth and a corporate career that left her feeling unfulfilled, she turned to fitness as a means to deal with her pain.

A self-described nerd with a master's degree in behavioral sciences, she began researching how and why certain exercises helped her feel better.

"You get passionate about sharing that with other people, and it just all kind of fell into place," she said.

After working at Hammerhead Gym for several years, and spending time with clients at Shell Point Retirement Center, a space opened up for her to work out of Bennett Chiropractic, and she felt it was a perfect fit.

"I love being in that location because the folks that come through Dr. Bennett's door are folks that should be interested in corrective exercise," she said.

The studio exclusively offers one-on-one training sessions, all tailored to each client's needs.

First there is an assessment process, where Clark digs to find the root of her client's problems.

"Even though you may have that pain in your lower back, is it actually your back that's causing that pain? Taking that time to figure out what's causing the issues is key," she said.

A need she encounters often with her clients is rehabilitation after an acute injury or surgery.

Health insurance only pays for a set amount of physical therapy sessions after these kinds of incidents, and when those run out, people often don't fully recover, or even regress.

She wants to fill this gap in treatment, and make sure patients like this are taught how to correctly rehabilitate their bodies after an injury.

"I've had a lot of clients say to me, I'm 66 years old and I'm getting a second chance. I've got to do it right this time," she said.

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