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Benefits of Music Education

December 12, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Music; it is everywhere. Since the beginning of our days in the womb, we have heard the steady beat of our mother's heart. There is no denying that music and rhythm are apart of our daily lives and keeps the world whole. Think about some of life's best moments such as weddings and celebrations. Without music, they would not be the same or as meaningful.

Music education is an essential part of a well-rounded education. I believe that a good foundation in music leads to empathetic human beings that are active members of society who not only contribute, but give back to the arts and the community.

Good musicians constantly listen to one another and must work together to create beautiful sounds. There are few settings in life were everyone works together and every individual matters to the good of the whole, in other words, no one is "sitting on the bench."

Music teachers discipline, heighten focus, help students understand emotion, enable students to be able to handle multiple tasks at a time, all while paying attention to fine detail.

I will end with a quote by David Kearns:

"Why arts in education? Why education at all? The purpose of education is not simply to inform but to enrich and enlighten, to provide insights into life as it has been led and as it may be led. No element of the curriculum is better suited to that task than arts education." - David Kearns, now retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox Corporation.

Berta Ferrer

Early Childhood Education/Director

Lehigh Acres



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