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Pelosi and the Democrats better wake up

December 19, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I could not agree more with the spot on letter from Dick Kalfus. I also do not understand what makes a Democrat think everything they do is right. Is it because the elected President, Donald Trump, is doing things that they could not accomplish if they had 50 years and Donald Trump has done in less then two years?

The Democrats, like Schumer, state we are doing what the American people want. What American people are they talking about? Donald T. was voted in by the voters in the U.S.

What has taken place with Bill Clinton and the late John F. Kennedy? Clinton committed more sexual abuse towards women and even inside the White House than anybody, but they insist on blaming Trump for things that might be true before he became president.

J.F.K. another Democrat sure was no prize in the sexual issues department in the White House and encounters in California. Do the initials M.M. look familiar? If they can overlook him and Clinton and their faults, that makes Trump look like a saint.

For eight years before Trump we had eight years of Obama - the worst president this once great country ever had. He even made jokes about Trump and all these illegals coming from Central America. A new huge caravan of 1,600 migrants has just set out for the U.S. When they get here and with what is already at the border, you can bet they will find a way to charge what barrier is there and break through. They will overcome our border guards and fight our military and blood will spill. The Democrats will not OK the wall, which, by the way, is wanted by most Americans.

If these people are allowed in, then others from every country in Central America and Mexico will also come. Then you can just kiss your country goodbye.

The first week in December 2018 the U.S. started exporting oil for the first time in 75 years. Even if it is for a short time, that is an accomplishment.

I would like to hear from an Obama voter and have them explain anything that Obama actually did for the betterment of the United States in his eight years. Or a letter telling why they think Hillary would make such a wonderful president. That should be easy as we know it would be pure fiction.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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