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Trump’s accomplishments much preferred over ‘sweet-guy’s’ failures

April 3, 2019
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Boredom describes my reaction when a historian with "no political allegiance" tears Trump from limb to limb. He focuses on his perception of Trump's character (happens to be the same as fake news's perception) and even becomes a psychiatrist by diagnosing Trump from afar.

True, Trump is a unique personality and not the well-spoken sweet guy that preceded him but I prefer a leader who intensified the war against ISIS than the one who opened the door for ISIS. I prefer the leader who helped the economy take off rather than the one whose economic leadership was so bad that the day after the election and the market knew Obama/Hillary would not be in the White House the economy came alive. I prefer Trump over his predecessor who delayed recovery from the recession with government handouts such as Cash for Clunkers, shovel ready projects and financing green companies (that then went broke). His waste and his regulations slowed the economy instead of boosting it. His actions had a big hand in doubling the country's debt.

I prefer a leader who gave weapons to help Russia's enemy and stopped the chemical warfare in Syria condoned by Russia, to his predecessor that would only give pretty speeches and had puny reaction to Russia's takeover of Croatia and invasion of the Ukraine.

Now the media problem is all Trumps' fault?? The newspapers and the Democrats had been making fun of Trump for years. That only intensified when he became the nominee. Fake media such as The Washington Post and MSNBC focus primarily on negative comments about Trump. His predecessor rarely if ever received a negative comment from the fake media throughout his pretense as our leader.

Narcissism? Don't most presidents have some narcissism? Clinton and Obama certainly had as much as Trump has. You almost have to have some narcissism to be president.

The letter attacking Trump is very similar to fake news - Similar intent, similar blind sighted approach and similar ignorance of the major issues of our country.

Interesting how many people are absorbed by hate and don't even mention the major issues of this country: safety, debt, health, immigration, justice, and jobs. While the country suffers from these major problems, many politicians and partisans are spending their time on gossip.

Most sports teams use a loss as motivation to improve so they can win next time. Fake Media and the Democrats seem to use another approach - revenge.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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