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Wake up, America Socialism has never worked

September 4, 2019
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

America's prosperity was not built on government control but on billions of individual decisions made freely, without government direction. Again and again Americans learn timeless principles, take risk, bear burdens, suffer setbacks and attacks, make and recover from mistakes and come to grips with resistance to preserve our individual liberty. Government can never do that for the individual, nor for a free people.

Human progress, in the end, depends on this dynamic, recovering, restoring, reinventing, re-cementing process of living and learning subject to as little government control as possible, consistent with ordered liberty. That is how America has gotten to where we are. No socialist dream has side tracked our clear-eyed American spirit, the open embrace of risk and reward, personal quest, conquest and bequest, self reliance and an understanding that supply and demand are private affairs, not driven by governments.

Yet today, in a paroxysm of ignorance and emotion in a wild socialist grab for power, Americans are being asked to forget their own past, forget our ancestors' sacrifices in peace time and war to preserve our freedom. We are asked, by national leaders in the Democratic party group, to accept the anesthetizing "joy" of ceding our individual liberty to an all-powerful all-benevolent, centralized government. Nothing could be more alluring or fatal to American democracy. The reason that a financial "Green New Deal," "Medicare for all," "open borders," "Sanctuary cities," "abortion at birth," criminalizing American wealth, legalizing dangerous narcotics and other socialist objectives are wrong is straightforward: They violate natural law the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our Constitutional guarantees of liberty, and the basic principles of economics.

While much could be said on the moral side, consider how socialist ideas violate basic economics. Every individual born comes with personal preferences. The government does not tell us what preferences to have, nor would we listen if they did. In time, these preferences are aggregated as market demand. The government does not tell private-sector creators about the demand. A billion private choices do that. Producers merge to meet aggregate demand for shoes, foods, phones, hats, cats and music, for cars, bars and for Hollywood stars. And voila, you have a market economy.

So now how could the Democrats or any socialist person attack our American economic system right now, or ever? The engine of world growth, source of domestic prosperity for a cheap power-grab and government dominated command and control economic decision making is beyond me!

As Thomas Sowell poignantly wrote, "Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric." He is right. So, let us hope that America's leaders come to their senses quickly, and remember that wisdom comes at a cost and imposes an obligation - namely responsibility to preserve America's political and economic freedoms, in our time and for all time. This is what we must pass forward. The left's war on wisdom is spoken of in the Bible, Deuteronomy, Chapter 30:13 through 20, "See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction, blessings and curses." Socialism has never worked. God has blessed America with his love and direction. He gave us America to give us our freedom from obsessive, greedy government. So, wake up America, freedom comes with a price, a work ethic produces the fruits of labor, not giving away what we work for.

Walter B. Preble III

Cape Coral



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