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Rooney should resign now

October 30, 2019
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Rooney should resign now

To the editor:

An open letter to Rep. Rooney,

While I do not know what has caused, or influenced your apparent dramatic change in world view, one thing is clear, you have lost the trust of the majority of your constituents. You no longer represent the interests of the people who live in the district you represent. If representing the people in your district still means anything to you, you need to resign, and do so immediately.

I have not arrived at this decision impulsively. I had been giving you the benefit of the doubt for as long as I could. I no longer can.

Your vote to condemn the President's withdrawal from Syria is an indication to me that you do not understand the Constitution to the degree I had thought, or that you are simply the typical grandstanding politician. If you feel so strongly that we should be fighting in Syria, why have you not voted to declare war on Syria? Since Congress has not declared war, it seems to me that removing combat troops from a country we are not at war with is in line with the Constitution. Advocating to perpetually occupy a country we have not declared war against is not in line with the Constitution. It is also not in line with the views and interests of your constituents.

Your vote to raise minimum wage demonstrates to me complete ignorance of basic economics, not to mention proof that you have misrepresented your principles to the constituents who elected you.

Backing of a "carbon tax" is antithetical to economic growth, not in the interest of the people you represent, and a demonstration of capitulation to leftists, and pseudoscience.

Simply appearing on CNN shows me that you view a seditious propaganda organization as legitimate media. Making statements that will immediately be used to further illegitimate attacks on the President demonstrates at best complete ignorance of what CNN is, and at worst your support for a seditious conspiracy to remove the President, and undermine the Constitution.

It truly saddens me to see a person I once had great trust in, demonstrate that they are in fact just another shallow politician. A person who stereotypes his constituents as a bunch of morons who would follow the President off a cliff. A person who is thankful to Nancy Pelosi every day, despite the tremendous harm she has done to our country.

Mr. Rooney, you need to resign. The people of this district are owed a representative that represents them. It is clear that person is no longer you.

Matthew Allen

Cape Coral



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