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2013 Season Concerns

I am hoping the 2013 season will be smoother than last season with the crosswalk issue. As I drive down Estero the crosswalk signs are inconsistent & need to be fixed. Some only have a sign on 1 side of the road so you do not notice there is a crosswalk, depending on which direction you are driving. Some need signs back-to-back as some are missing. I would hate to have a visitor hit by a car again! Flashing lights above each sign would be help. Public info should be printed at the top of ALL tourist flyers so that visitors know the law is cars stopping in crosswalks,,,,not whenever someone crosses anywhere! I had a guy YELL at me for not stopping for him when he darted across outside of the crosswalk! Signs on McGregor which can be read while creeping along would help. ALSO MANY signs urging people to use the LEFT LANE before the bridge so that you don't have the jerks driving in the right lane passing everyone & then trying to barge into the left lane would help!


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